TransferXo Dashboard

How to Navigate the TransferXO Dashboard

The TransferXO dashboard is your central hub for managing your cryptocurrency transactions, checking balances, and staying updated with the latest market trends. Step 1: Accessing the Dashboard After logging into your TransferXO account, you'll be...

How To Withdraw From Your Affiliate Balance.

Get your earnings following these few steps.

How To Sell Crypto Using Instant Trade.

STEP 1: Log in to your TransferXO app and tap Instant Trade on the side menu. STEP 2: Tap Sell and enter the relevant info on the form that pops up. STEP 3: Select the asset you want to sell, enter the amount you want to sell, and how much mone...

How To Buy Airtime & Data With Crypto On TransferXO

Paying with crypto to recharge your phone for calls and internet usage is now possible on TransferXO.

How To Swap Crypto Using Instant Trade.

STEP 1:  Log in to your TransferXO app and tap Instant Trade on the side menu. STEP 2 :  Tap Swap and choose what kind of swap you want to engage in, whether Fiat to Crypto, Crypto to Fiat, or Crypto to Crypto.  STEP 3:  Enter the relevant info ...

How To Navigate Community Dashboard

The Community Dashboard is the general dashboard for everybody, traders and buyers alike.  Here, you have the Market Price Pairings and Market chart.  Navigating The Community Dashboard Step 1: After logging in, click on   Dashboard  dropdown. Be...

How To Navigate Affiliate Dashboard On TransferXO

TransferXO Affiliate Dashboard features your Affiliate Balance, My Earnings, My Transactions, and Earn with TransferXO.