Follow the steps below to create an Offer on TransferXO:

STEP 1: If you can’t find the offer that matches your request, you can create your own offer by clicking on the “Create an Offer” button.

STEP 2: Fill required fields according to your preference. 

STEP 3: Input the amount of BTC you wish to sell, then set a price. Consider current market conditions, recent trade prices, and any fees when setting your price.

STEP 4: After you've set your price, your listing will be live on the marketplace. You can manage and monitor your listing under the My Listings section.

STEP 5: Set your Trade Pricing Details where you can switch between Dynamic Pricing to Fixed Pricing.

STEP 6: Once completed, click on the Create Offer button to complete creating the offer.

STEP 7: Once a buyer has completed a transaction with you, confirm receipt of the payment before releasing the coin from escrow.