STEP 1: Click on the Marketplace button on the menu bar and select Buy BTC. 

STEP 2: You can also do this by clicking on the Quicklink tab and selecting Buy from the dropdown menu.

STEP 3: Use the filter to search for the preferred asset you intend to buy.

STEP 4: Browse through the Asset dropdown menu to select the coin you’re interested in, enter the amount you want to buy (in your preferred currency), select your country, and then select the payment method you want to use.

STEP 5: Once you've selected your preferred payment option, a list of available offers for that coin appears on the screen.

Noted: By default, offers in the TransferXO marketplace are sorted from Highest to Lowest

STEP 6: Click on the Buy to make the purchase

STEP 7: Fill the required fields to complete the purchase.

Note: Kindly read through the trader’s reviews and feedback from previous buyers, and also check their KYC verification statuses as shown in the screenshot below: