STEP 1: Log in to your TransferXO app and tap Instant Trade on the side menu.

STEP 2 :  Tap Swap and choose what kind of swap you want to engage in, whether Fiat to Crypto, Crypto to Fiat, or Crypto to Crypto. 

STEP 3:  Enter the relevant info on the form that pops up. Enter the amount of fiat asset (or crypto) you want to give up in the exchange and the amount of the other asset you want to receive in exchange.

STEP 4:  The system displays the current cryptocurrency price in the market. Tap Find Best Offers.

STEP 5:  The system will display listings of the offers made by other users based on the merchant’s availability and credibility rating.

STEP 6:  Select the offer that best suits you and confirm how much you will receive by tapping Swap.