STEP 1: Log in to your TransferXO app and tap Instant Trade on the side menu.

STEP 2: Tap Sell and enter the relevant info on the form that pops up.

STEP 3: Select the asset you want to sell, enter the amount you want to sell, and how much money you want to receive from the sale, select a payment option and tap Find Best Offers. 

STEP 4: The system will display listings of the offers made by other users based on the merchant’s availability and credibility rating. Select the offer that best suits you and confirm how much you will give in exchange for what the trade partner is willing to pay by tapping Start Trade.

STEP 5: Wait for the buyer to make payment within the set payment window. If they’re unable to make the payment within that time, the system will automatically cancel and release your asset that was temporarily locked for the trade back to your wallet.

STEP 6: If you receive the funds from the buyer within the payment window, tap I Have Received Payment.

STEP 7: Rate the trade experience by selecting Negative or Positive depending on your experience, give an optional comment, and tap Submit.

STEP 8: And then, you can swap one digital currency for another instead of either buying or selling them. Let’s see how to get this done in the fastest possible time.