As you keep referring your friends to trade on TransferXO, you get to earn more money, which is deposited into your Affiliate Balance. The beautiful thing is that you can withdraw this money from your Affiliate Balance into your regular wallet and use it for trading. 

That said, you can only withdraw a minimum of 5 USDT and a maximum of the available balance. Let’s show you how to withdraw from your Affiliate Balance.

STEP 1: Log in to your TransferXO app.

STEP 2:  On the side menu, tap Refer and Earn.

STEP 3:  Tap Transfer.

STEP 4:  Enter the amount you want to withdraw (amount must be between 5 USDT and your available balance) and select the wallet you want to receive the money into. 

STEP 5:  The system will display the rate being used and how much you will receive based on that rate.

STEP 6:  Tap Transfer Earnings. 

STEP 7:  The system displays a preview of the transaction for you to confirm or cancel.

STEP 8:  Tap Confirm to confirm the transfer.

STEP 9:  The transfer is completed and the asset deposited into your preferred wallet.